Past productions 2018-2020

 February 2020 - Murder at the Theatre 

Itching for something different, our Senior group embarked onsite-specific theatre to bring their audience an interactive murder mystery. A body had been found at the theatre, but who was the murderer - the wardrobe mistresses, the bartenders, the star actors or directors?! Led around the building by our detectives to interview the suspects, the audience built a case and accused their suspect with a vote. They didn't get it right , but there's always next time

December 2019 -Once Upon a Panto   

This collision of music, colour and melodrama could only mean one thing: a pantomime! The narrative wove together four of your favourite fairytales: our Juniors brought us Snow White and Jack and the Beanstalk (complete with pantomime cow) while our Seniors showcased Dick Whittington and Cinderella. We are not, by nature, a musical group, but our outstanding young performers pulled it off and then some!

August 2019 - Summer School!

Our first ever Summer School saw a range of talented performers take one week to produce a performance inspired by the wonderful works of William Shakespeare. It was a huge success and our participants both learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it!

July 2019 - The Light Burns Blue

This intriguing production was based on the true story of the Cottingley Fairies, in which two youngsters took the world by storm by providing photographic evidence of real fairies. For our Senior group, it provided a stylistic challenge as we developed our physical theatre skills, creating movement interludes between the scenes and working closely with a stage a technical design team to create one holistic, beautiful and charming performance.

June 2019 -The Vicar of Dibley

Our Junior group were privileged  to take cameo roles in the Nonentities' production of The Vicar of Dibley! They had to keep their fingers in their ears through much of the dialogue, but it was worth it for the chance to fulfil everyone's dream of playing the Teletubbies at Alice and Hugo's wedding!

May 2019 - Whodunnit?!

This is detecting, but not as we know it! Our Junior group devised this hilarious production which crossed everyone's favourite detectives with Downton Abbey. It featured classic characters such as Miss Maple, Monsieur Porridge, Shylock Horns and the Fortunate Five collaborating to solve the mysterious murder of the cantankerous Lady Asquith.

March 2019 - Chronologues

The sharing of work during our Seniors' 'downtime' showed off their flair for variety. We took our audience of family and friends back throughout time in a series of monologues and duologues, moving between the macabre, the amusing and the emotional in a montage of talent.

December 2018 - Peter Pan

Our Senior and Junior groups joined forces once again to bring together this swashbuckling romp! Take a stroppy gothic Tinkerbell, four meddlesome mermaids and a troop of rough-and-tumble Lost Boys and sprinkle them with a bit of magic to achieve this glorious family story with a twist.