First Aid

First Aid

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First Aid

This is the first full length play penned by local author Laura Liptrot and takes a comedic look at what happens when a group of people are thrown together on a first aid course, to study a subject none of them have any knowledge about! Somehow each of them discovers what is missing from their lives…besides a first aid



A retired teacher; a DJ; an alternative therapist; a hen-pecked husband; an office worker; her workmate’s ex-boyfriend; a play station addict; a young woman lost in love; a mother who can’t put down her mobile phone and a troubled teenager all led by a tutor who flees at the first sign of illness.


Fast, farcical, funny and at times heart-warming as heads roll, tensions as tight as bandages snap and dilemmas it will take more than a sticking plaster to heal are uncovered.

This exploration of human interaction and triumph over adversity is guaranteed to leave you in stitches!