Your Committee and PAG

Chairman                                                  Bob Graham

Vice Chairman                                            Tori Wakeman

Artistic Director                                        Jen Eglinton

Treasurer                                                   Brian Gale

Secretary                                                   Maureen Higgins

Stage Manager                                           Keith Higgins     

Maintenance Manager                               Vacant

Publicity Manager                                        Anne Booth

Front of House                                           Joan Wakeman (Co-opted until AGM)

 Membership Manager                                   Hilary Thompson

Technical Manager                                        Vacant

Wardrobe Manager                                        Vacant

Box Office Manager                                     Faye Bingham

Committee Members                                     Katy Ball, Hannah Tolley,

                                                                     Pat Gale, Andy Bingham , Richard Casewell    

PRODUCTION ADVISORY GROUP                Andrew Davie, Jen Eglinton, Bob Graham and Tori Wakeman