Casting for 2018-19

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Stuart Wishart

Richard Taylor

Martin Salter

Director - Bob Graham   Assistant - Tori Wakeman

Prompt - Joan Wakeman SM -  Sound - Amy Jane Baker  Lighting - Joe Harper  Props - Donna Abram, Katy Ball

The Thrill Of Love

Inspector Gale - Stefan Austin

Sylvia -Sue Downing

Ruth - Amy Cooper

Vicky - Bethany Grainger

Doris - Hannah Tolley

Director -Louise Fulwell

Prompt - Sandy Tudor SM Keith Higgins  Lighting-Andrew Davie, Sound - Joe Harper, Props and Wardrobe - Anna Murphy and Donna Abram

Garland of Poppies

Richard Casewell, Tom Rees, Colin Young, Bob Graham, Tony Newbould, Tori Wakeman, Helen Speake, Ros Casewell, Pamela Meredith, Sandy Tudor, Lynn Ravenhill

SM - Keith Higgins   Music - Keith Rowland   Sound - Amy Baker      Lighting - tbc    Wardrobe Lynn Ravenhill

The Witches

Grandma - Joan Wakeman

Grand High Witch - Sinead Maffei

Boy - Chris Kay

Bruno - Andy Bingham

Ensemble - to play all other roles

Donna Abram, Katy Ball, Faye Bingham, Beth Dalton, Robert Graham, Sue Hunt, Lynn Ravenhill, Richard Taylor, Dink Widdowson, Thomas Powell, Sandy Tudor, Beth Grainger, Louise Fulwell,

Director - Jen Eglinton   Prompts - Joan Wakeman and Katy Ball, SM- Hilary Thompson, ASM - Mike Lawrence, Lighting - David Wakeman, Sound - Amy Baker, Wardrobe - Carol Wright and Penny Walton, Props - Hilary Thompson, Janet Poole, Make-up and prosthetics provided by the students of the University College Birmingham  

The Importance of Being Earnest

Lane - Stephen Bougourd

Algernon Moncrieff - Alex Thompson

Jack Worthing - Joe Harper

Lady Bracknell - Judy Bassett

Cecily Cardew - Rebecca Williams

Gwendoline Fairfax - Jessica Schneider

Miss Prism - Patricia Gale

Canon Chasuble - Patrick Bentley

Merriman - Stanley Barten

Footman - Nick Haynes

Director - Stephen Downing  Prompt - Pam Meridith  SM - Hilary Thompson  ASM - Richard Casewell  Props - Anna Murphy and Wendy Myers  Sound - Andy Bingham  Lighting - Andrew Davie  Wardrobe - Lynn Ravenhill 

The King's Speech

King GeorgeVI - Stuart Wishart

Lionel Logue - Richard Taylor

Queen Mother - Amy Cooper

Mytle Logue - Katy Ball

Winston Churchill - David Wakeman

Wallis Simpson - Donna Abram

George V - Colin Young

Archbishop of Canterbury - Bob Graham

David(EdwardVIII) Stefan Austin

Stanley Baldwin - Tony Newbould

Footman 1 Chris Kay

Footman 2 - Dan Taylor

Director Tori Wakeman  Prompt - Joan Wakeman SM - Keith Higgins  Props- Katy Ball/Donna Abram  Lighting design- David Wakeman

Lighting Operation -Alex Thompson Sound -Amy Baker  Wardrobe -Carol Wright/Hannah Tolley

Elsie and Norm's Macbeth

Elsie - Louise Fulwell

Norm - Tom Rees

Director- Sue Downing  Prompt - Jess Schneider/Sandy Tudor SM - Hilary Thompson  Lighting - Andrew Davie  Props - Anne Booth and Anna Murphy  Set - Keith Rowlands


St Clair - Patrick Bentley

Florence Foster Jenkins - Jen Eglinton

Maria - Hannah Tolley

Cosme Moon - Stuart Wishart

Dorothy - Pam Meridith

Mrs Verrinder- George - Amy Cooper

Director - Richard Taylor

Prompt - Joan Wakeman, Wardrobe - Donna Abram, Sound - Amy Baker Stage Manager -Hilary Thompson, Props - Maureen Higgins and Anna Murphy

The Vicar of Dibley

Geraldine - Tori Wakeman

David Horton - Bob Graham

Hugo Horton - Stefan Austin

Alice Tinker - Jess Schneider

Owen Newitt - Martin Salter

Frank Pickles - Stuart Woodroffe

Letitia Cropley - Pat Gale

Jim Trott - Steve Bougourd

Lady at Wedding - Rebecca Williams

Children from the juniour section of KRYPT

Director - David Wakeman
SM- Keith Higgins, ASM - Andy Bingham Richard Casewell, Prompt - Katie Ball, Props - Helen Speake  Ros Casewell and Ruth Follos, Sound - Amy Baker, Lighting - Stanley Barten, Costume - Carol Wright, Donna Abrams and Penny Walton.