Main House

The Stage is of conventional proscenium design facing a raked auditorium with a seating capacity of 181 including two disabled spaces for wheelchair users. Acting area is approx. 20' x 20' + a small apron area.

Control Room for Lighting and Sound is situated at the rear of the Auditorium with good views of the stage.

Lighting is controlled by a Strand desk

A flexible Sound installation is based around a Soundcraft Mixing Desk.

Dressing Rooms

2 Dressing Rooms are situated beneath the stage each having its own toilet, washing and shower facilities.

Front of House

Front of House facilties include a Licenced Bar, Coffee/Refreshment Bar and a small cloakroom.


The Studio theatre is situated on the first floor, above the foyer. Seating for up to 60 is possible, with the seats being arranged around any combination of the four walls. Two doors lead to the first floor landing, and a third to an adjacent room. The acting space is very flexible. Light and sound facilities are restricted, the operators sit in the main control room monitoring the play by video and audio links.